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Robot pope
in the days long yet to come, human morality cannot be justified to be led by another man.  So the Catholic church created him to lead the good sinners to heaven or to extermination whatever the hand of God decides
OK story time ^^

So two nights ago I dreamt more of a mythical creature known as an omni*. He was a tall man standing over 6 foot broad shouldered.  A man who resembled more of a grizzly bear than a man. His pass time was a humble farmer. He lived away from a small village as to avoid persecution for him his wife and his daughter Audrina . He was in town selling his wares when soldiers came and the templars began asking for fit men to do God's work. Mordecai tensed when a group of armed men talk about gods work they either want to go to war, to strongarm people into more taxes or to hunt monsters. Panic went into him his hand shaking. He hated violence and he didn't want to flee again he had a family a home and a farm life on the road was hard and he didn't wish to make his family endure such hardship for him. He grabbed a small knife from bar and slid it under his sleeve. If they had come to burn him like many of the others this time he would choose to fight instead of flee...

A guard sat beside him and took off his helmet and groaned and ordered a beer smacking the ass of the bar wench as she passed. He looked sideways at Mordecai, "These marches are killer on us but someone like you I feel you could march 100 miles without getting tired"

Narrows his eyes and readies the knife, "What do you mean stranger, someone like me?"

"Oh i apologize I haven't introduced myself I am Octavius, but my friends call me Octo because in battle it is like i am a monster with 8 arms. You wouldn't know anything about that would you?"

"I dont understand what you mean."

"Don't worry man I am not here to fight course even with your arm shaking and the knife hidden in your sleeve a man of your size would break me if needed.That I have no doubt. No I am simply saying you would be great to join our ranks. We may even be able to train that nervous twitch away"

Mordecai breaths out not realizing he was holding his breath, "I am no soldier; I am a simple farmer just looking for peace for me and my family."

"Then you have found it with us"

"I dont understand Octavius what do you mean?"

"I told you my friends call me Octo. Often times when you want peace you must prepare for war". Turns in chair to better look at Mordecai, "we are trying to regain holy objects that were stolen from Jerusalem. The pope has declared a holy war against Saladin and his infidel army. Someone like you would scare the rats back into their sandy caves. Spits uncultured scum"

Shakes head, "My good man,you misunderstand the meaning of peace. Peace achieved through the shed of blood is never a lasting peace. Your pope may wish a holy war but from what I've read we are to spread peace, love and harmony not bloodshed in his name. God may not be a man I've met personally but from his biography i dont think that is a wise path."

"Those are dangerous words my friend. questioning the mouthpiece of God is grounds for hanging. Fine the hunting for holy treasures i agree with you is a fools errand but freeing the lands God set aside for his chosen I feel is a cause i can get behind. We will try diplomacy before the killing starts.  Chuckles never heard it called God's biography"

"Diplomacy at the tip of a sword is like a burglar asking for sanctuary after slashing a nuns throat."

"You question the cause farmer?" a hand descends on his shoulder making Mordecai grow cold he looks at the man in a red robe. A slender man with bony fingers and eyes sunken into his head with a shadows from the sunlight giving an impression of a skull looking at him. An unease went through Mordecai as he met the mans stare eyes flaring but doing everything to keep his cool. He once again exhaled killing this man even though darkness was rampant in his heart would do no good. "Questioning the will of the pope and of God is grounds for hanging. But i will grant you amnesty and forgiveness as the lord has granted me through his son but on one condition"

"Forgiveness is given not with strings attached 7 x 77 times each day if I recall from Matthew."

His bony hand slaps Mordecai "Farmer, do you think you know God's will better than a cardinal of the church?." Sneers, "So what will it be join our cause and live you life as you see fit or die here by the setting sun?"

Stands towering over the cardinal, "My name is Mordecai I want nothing to do with your cause. But I want something from you. Picks cardinal up and stares into his eyes. "

"Let me go you behemoth guards cut him down!"

the guards get ready. And start to circle him.

"Peace Brothers. Looks back at bishop I will lend you my strength, my will, and any ability i may possess but i want you to promise my family will be looked after. I will fight in this crusible against Gods will but you must promise me priest they are to remain safe. For if they aren't and you cant promise that i will use my strength to break your neck before your first guard can reach me understand?"

The front of the cardinals robe is suddenly wet as he nods.

"Now let me say goodbye to my family."

"You heard him! Stand down this beast needs to prepare himself for the long march to Jerusalem!"

The guards go about trying to recruit other villagers and some just resting and flirting with the village girls.

Collapses at bar and sighs a single tear dropping on the bar hands shaking

"See friend that was Cardinal Rossi and you literally scared the piss out of him. What was all that talk of not wanting peace through violence?", Octavius said jokingly.

"That killed me more than anything I have ever experienced"

"That by far will not be the worst sin you shall commit when this is said and done," Octavius said softly.

"I hope you are wrong my friend..."

So he went on the first crusade to reclaim the holy land His wife more than upset but he told he had no other choice. So they marched. Mordecai earned the name nickname bear because even with arrows or blades in him he seemed to just tear people apart. Every night he would write down the names or descriptions of men he killed and cried over their lost blood and would say a prayer for absolution for himself and their souls. One day he was scouting with Octavius and there was an ambush. Mordecai was holding his own but Octavius was pinned and he lost and arm. Mordecai tossed the men to the ground and ran after his only friend his tattoos sprang to life and pierced the men around him and an armor clad fist tore the attackers apart. His mask just shining of light. Blood dripping from his sword and ax in his back he walked over to his friend and reached out his hand.

Octavius shook in fear "You are a monster! Get away from me!" Mordecai felt wounded his brother in arms was fleeing from him " Demon. Monster! he ran himself into a corner his eyes bugging from his head. Shaking he grabbed his dagger. Monster you have taken my friend I wont let you do the same to me and he stabbed himself in chest and slit his throat dying before he hit the ground" Mordecais armor shattered as he held his friend weeping over the loss. The crusades continued without much other mordecai growing darker with his deeds every day. He returned home a victor and was claimed to be the town hero. He cared not for such things. His daughter ran and hugged him "Daddy I missed you so much! she lathered him with kisses" And he found himself laughing for the first time. Then he looked up where is your mother Audrina? She looked sad, "the cardinal said she joined you daddy I thought she was with you" Anger filled him as the baker took his daughter back inside. He stormed into the church and went into the confessional. The bishop sat on the other side. Forgive me Father for I have sinned and am about to sin. "You don't confess much do you?" He put his omni armor on light filling the confessional and he pulled him through booth and beat him mercilessly. He left quietly through the back dissolving armor and blending in with crowd he took his daughter from baker and went home...

Some time passed the cardinal claimed he was touched by an angel which made Mordecai laugh and he was reasigned to a different territory closer to Rome to give testimonials of heavens grace. Life returned to normal Mordecai layed down his weapons and returned to tilling the field. His daughter was playing with the butchers daughter running around and hopping over rocks in the field. Mordecai reached up and wiped his brow showing his omni tattoos just for a moment. And the butchers daughter noticed and went and said she had to run off be home by dark so they hugged and she skipped away. A moment of dread passed over Mordecai but it passed thinking it was nothing. He started training an apprentice his farm hand whose name was Thomas Smith.

"But when do I get to have my tattoos. I want to be able to protect myself," Thomas whined

"Thomas not everyone can be an omni. We are the branded. Branded by God's hand forever to bring peace to the lands we can. The process is a grueling one so you must physically and mentally prepare. Or else you will perish by the fever that strike every one who attempts it."

"All you have me do is chores and read the bible and old scrolls"

"Haha i am being nice. My teacher would have you doing unspeakable things just for a laugh.  Can'tjust become an omni to escape your problem" Looks towards my direction of where i was observing the scene

"What are you looking at?," Thomas asked earnestly.

"Nothing sometimes I just get an eerie feeling I am being watched and observed. Sometimes its malevolent and sometimes its like how you look at me with an eagerness and curiosity. It is probably nothing. Suddenly jumps up something is wrong in the town!"

Looks concerned knowing his teachers feeling of distress were always on point, "What do you mean I don't see or hear anything.  What do you think is going on?"

"Boy, if you rely only on your five senses you will never get anywhere in this life or the next.  That is if you are granted a second chance."  Mordecai said roughly as he takes off running towards town.

Thomas grabbing a kitchen knife and following suit

"It's dangerous you should stay with Audrina.  Keep her safe!"  He scolded.

"But I think you could use some back up"

"Fine, boy just dont get hurt. I don't need your blood on my hands as well"

Nods, "I'll stay alive just for that lovely sense of humor you got."

Mordecai scoffs but a smile breaks his face.

They stalk in the shadows and notice a bunch of thugs at the bar.  Noticing there is no problems occurring inside the bar, they move on when they hear a woman's wimper.

"Oh no.  Please God no."  Thomas said quietly more as reassurance to himself.

One of the bandits was behind the bar hidden by the shadows the night allowed him.  He was holding a bar maiden and trying to force himself on her tears streaming down her face

"Hold still wench,"  He slapps her and she drops to ground trying to cover herself, "Whatever happened to going beyond the minumum for the client."  He undoes his belt and stalks towards her.

Mordecai rushes in and punches him and elbows him causing him to sputter blood.  He takes the bandits arm and tosses him easily to ground hearing the bone snap.  He lets out a deep growl hand shaking as the chaos was becoming too much for him

Cries, "T...thank you.  Farmer Mordecai why are you here?" the maiden cried.

Kicks the bandit hard in the ribs who takes it as a sign to flee.  He staggers up and starts running off weezing, "You will regret this! Playing hero will get you killed and I'll make sure you suffer!" the bandit screamed as he staggered away.

Looks at the maiden and takes off his jacket and hands it to her, "I wanted a drink to ease my mind when i saw you in your predicament Amy are you all right?"

Nods slowly.  She hugs her hero and then hugs Thomas, "Dear I...I... was so scared thank god for you two kisses thomas passionatly,"

He blushes, Honey, not in front of Mordecai."

"Haha i was young once too you should enjoy your time with your fiance young man."

They both smile

They return to his farm and go to sleep. He awakes in a panic when he smells smoke his farm is ablaze. He grabs Audrina a beam of his house falls on his back but he shields her from flames burning his shirts and exposing himself. He picks her up and tosses her out window having her land safely in a pond. He rushes to get to Amy and Thomas. Amy is caught behind a wall of fire. Mordecai armors up and grabs her and bursts through a wall thomas escapes through the front Mordecai undoes his armor and looks up. The butchers daughter stands there shaking. "I was right" What do you mean. An arrow pierces her throat as she collapses. Panic fills him and his hands shake. Amy looks at him "you are quite a hero" Stay here stay low he runs after where he threw his daughter. She was being held by the thug he beat up earlier. "I was going to do what i was gonna do that wench but this girl will do"-bandit

"Please don't," mordecai begs

"Too late for that you made your mistake and this is the consequences,"  The bandit hissed

Audrina pops him in groin and spins away as Thomas hits him with a burning board

"Told ya you needed back up"  Thomas looks up and smiles laughing.

A sword pierces thomas stomach as three arrows pierce audrina chest and back.  Mordecai rushes towards them and suddenly gets his over his head and then everything goes black and he wakes up chained naked in a cell

When he awoke there was a letter in front of him. He struggled as the chains burned his flesh. He managed to grab the letter and instantly recognized the handwriting the scroll riddled with tear drops. "To my dearest Mordecai. I do regret to tell you this in such a way. I have not even told audrina but i have come down with a sickness. I have been treated with the leeches and herbs but nothing is working. I believe I am not much longer for this world. If this is my last words to you even if I have to make a deal with the devil I want you to know that I love you with all of my heart and the night i ache for your touch. There is only one person in town that can get a message to the templar ranks. The cardinal. He says he wants to see my body and dance. I will not find any enjoyment in it. But even just to reach you one time and tell you how much i adore you and how much my heart aches for you it is worth it. I know this will crush you but I had to tell you how much you mean to me and Audrina. I have arranged for the baker to care for audrina in case of my passing. and you are not back. She was always a nice lady to her and you say you sense a decent personality in her and i trust you explicitly. Sincerely your loving and forever enduring wife. Mariea" A slight bloodsmear can be seen on the corner. He wept

"Hello monsterous soul eating scum. I hope you find the accommodations to your liking.  Prepare yourself for a long trip for every soul you blasphemed against God you shall suffer one death. We have ways to bring you back for you to continue until your judgement is final," man in white robe with glowing cross over face.

"Who are you where am I?!"

"The closest you shall ever see of heaven," the cell doors slam leaving Mordecai in pitch blackness

His shoulders sag. "You specter who haunts me. I dont know if you can hear me or what exactly you are or if you are just my embodiment of guilt. But i sense a goodness in you. Honor my death and my families deaths. There is a journal under Thomas' cart hidden in a secret compartment. It is my personal journal. It will help you on your journey. I hope you do better than I. Looks at door. My time has ended there is no escape for me. This will be where I die. Chuckles i guess those who look into the light and it burns their eyes will often think themselves in heaven when all they see is the fires around them. whomever these people are do not cross spirit. hangs head and laughs. WELL COME ON THEN 15,674 SOULS WITHIN ME AND 531 DEATHS BY MY HAND DIRECTLY OR OTHERWISE COME AND JUDGE ME YOU BASTARDS HAHAHAHA!"

Time passes and the door eventually slams open the light blinding Mordecai and several men in white robes and golden crosses hiding their faces grab his chains dragging him down the hallway.  His skin burning as the iron chains singe away his flesh.  The robed men drag him into a stone corridor inside a 13 point star they reshackle him to the floor in a kneeling position and a person stands at each point of the star.

Mordecai laughs.  "So you are the ones playing God.  Took you long enough to answer your call"

A voice booms the only man in ivory armor as well as a snow white robe, "We are the Grand council of light.  You have committed the ultimate sin of blasphemy.  You have destroyed your soul as well as consumed the precious gift of others.  This is only redeemable by a quick death have you any words to say before your lord and before you leave this world?"

Looks up where my apparition of my dream stands,  he smiles slightly, "There is another that will take my place.  I hope you are prepared for the consequences he brings." looks up at the armor clad man and smiles darkly, "I will remember your face and will greet you when you arrive in hell"

A light flashes and Mordecai's shackles cut through his body spraying blood over the floor and the clean white robes of the council.

The golden crosses glow as does the 13 point magic circle and Mordecai's body bursts into white flames turning him quickly into ash.  A drop of blood traveling over his eye.

and thats when my dream ends

* An omni is a mythical being who devours souls to try and create balance in the universe.  Often shunned and called demons they tend to live secluded from people.  Sometimes called omnidjinn, the branded, the soul eaters.  Originally in a German folklore.  They, unlike their djinn cousins are made through a tattooing process where it is said 10,000 souls are made into an ink and branded with a hot coal of the mantle over their body. They are said to give up their soul of a chance of redemption  to save the souls of humanity.  They have several traits that are worth mentioning.  First the eyes much like a normal djinn they can alter reality of those who gaze into their eyes.  They can play through any scenario as long as that connection is made.  This charm was often considered a defense mechanism.  The tattoos that can move at will even off bodies and properties are that of whatever souls that make up the omni.  Being a creature of peace if they can create balance withing their own soul an armor appears that gives them strength beyond any normal capabilities.  They also can make a nearly indestructible mask that represent the first soul eaten This is created when they realize their place in their environment and come to peace within their own personal envirionment


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